Friday, June 1, 2012


The frequency of effective collision between myself and the floor has decreased ever since the term break began.

I've been extremely unproductive and inactive. The only day when I went out was last Wednesday, when I spent the entire day in 1 Utama and the night in KLCC. And as if that didn't leave me tired and clinging to the bed, I had to wake up at the ungodly hour of 6 in the morning because I had an English Lit class at 7.15AM in the morning.

7.15AM. This is far more worse compared to a school morning. And everyone agreed to it. Well, everyone except me and this one girl who looked even more tired than I was that morning, but as it is the norm - MAJORITY WINS. So we had to gladly oblige.

So yes, my holidays have been pretty unproductive. I've tried to study, but the longest I lasted was an hour, which was last night. I was doing some Bio revision and it turned out to be quite informative, I'd say. Not productive - INFORMATIVE. I learned a few facts that I'd overlooked in the mid term exams, but other than that, I didn't do much. After studying, I spent 5 minutes on the Word and prayed before going to bed because I was just that tired.

Other than that, I watched Downton Abbey streaming online, learned to cook from my grandmother, watched more television and took plenty of naps throughout this entire week. Oh and have I mentioned I've been eating a lot as well? That can't be any good, with all those calories going to my thighs.

Right now, I'm just hoping something interesting will happen in the following week. I've got to run for cell in a bit so I'm off to have dinner. It's at Subang tonight, which I'm hoping will be a delightful experience and a refreshing change.


I decided to skip cell at the last minute. Heh.

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