Sunday, June 17, 2012


Needed to make this quick so excuse the extremely random and redundant title.

This week has been all about results, interviews and divine intervention.

My results have been satisfactory. I haven't received my official results yet since there are some amendments to be made to my BM and Moral marks due to PEBEL which will either make or break me this term. My friends have calculated my GP and I'm estimated to be the fourth in class for the mid terms. This is good news since I placed 8th for the last exam. I've had 3A+ so far, an A, a couple of A- and 3B+. I didn't do as well for my Moral, Physics and Biology this time but I improved on my Chemistry. I am super grateful to God for that for I didn't just jump from a C to an A, but an A+. I have never gotten an A for Chemistry prior to this, but now I have achieved it. God fulfilled His promises and I improved slightly for the mid terms. Praise God! I still have my other Sciences to work on, but knowing that God does His part as long as I do mine just encourages me to strive forward and continue to do my best in school.

I received an e-mail last Thursday to attend the interview for the exchange programme I was applying for. So it appears they have everyone go for the interview in order to decide who gets to go abroad, which means everyone has an equal amount of chance in this. I met a lot of other great people who signed up for YES programme to the U.S. at the interview site, SMK Seksyen 4 in Kota Damansara and had a great time overall.

The interview was pretty tough for me as I got the strictest interview panel where the interviewer required me to speak in BM which I could not do so fluently and I even had to sing in the end because I mentioned that I was the secretary in the Choir Club. That was pretty cool though. I had a lot of tough questions to take on such as queries about the Muslim culture, my opinions on Islam, what I thought about terrorists, how would I survive if I was placed in the suburbs, what did I think about generalizing, how would I cope if I was abroad and someone from home had passed away and so on. But the hardest part for me was probably when I had to explain my day in school in BM. It was terribly hard. I'm only eloquent, not fluent! I just hope I don't appear as a racist or anything of the sort. I answered based on what I could think of at the moment, so I didn't really think about it until I came home but hey, what's done is done. The rest is in God's hands.

As for divine intervention? God has really ministered to me and showed Himself to me through the reading of His Word, worship and so on throughout this week. I've had to cope with so many things, especially the beginning of the revelation of God's plan for my future that it's been utterly overwhelming and has left me in tears most of the time. I've been feeling condemned about playing for worship, lost in deciding what the future has in store for me that I don't realize God knows what I will become and has his plans for me. But God has been ever faithful. I prayed for direction in my education and asked God to reveal His plan for me in His time, and the following day I received the e-mail regarding the interview for the exchange programme. It's not a complete breakthrough and merely a hint of what is in store for me, but I am truly grateful because He is beginning to guide me!

The Devil has been trying to take control of my mind so it would show in my actions and behaviour towards others, but I've been counterattacking with the Word of God. It does help. If I make a mistake of not doing anything at night, I'll just do it in the morning. No procrastinating. No focusing on my sins, but working on my imperfections by exercising faith and focusing my eyes on God. Truly, I've seen minor changes in my life and it has brought me much joy to the extent of tears!

This week has been an extremely challenging but amazing one. God has shown me so much and I believe He will continue to show me even more. The Devil is working hard to make me screw up and I probably will at some point, but my eyes will be focused on God, not my weaknesses, nor my imperfections.

I hope this encourages the rest of you who are struggling with so much in your life, especially life in the Word. You can make it through, as long as you walk with God and not away from Him.

Have a great week ahead and God bless you all!

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