Friday, July 13, 2012

God is able

Just thought I'd do a quick update before I hit the sack.

Things I've accomplished this week :
1. Ate considerately without stuffing myself with food
2. Drank regular amounts of water
3. Practiced good facial hygiene
4. Asked someone to prom
5. Did not get rejected for the 2398049580398203th time
5. Partially settled prom seating issues

It's not much, but it'll suffice for now. This entire week in school has been in utter hype as there were plenty of prom proposals to go around (even more exuberant than a marriage proposal), seats to be filled and other rigmaroles that required much attention before the deadline. Well, the deadline to pay for prom is next Wednesday and I have to say I have not paid yet, but I'm just glad we have 8 people on our table and now we're only short of 2 more. It's been stressful, trying to figure out where to sit, who to ask and what not, but I'm just glad this week has ended and I'm proud to say - I HAVE NO REGRETS.

I'm not sure how things will work out at this point, seeing that my "date" is now seated at a different table and he has been incredibly overwhelmed that everything he says seems to be beyond comprehension, but I'm sure things will work out somehow. Prom is 5 months away after all and there's nothing I can do in advance to alter the course of events that will occur in the following months, so all I can do is focus on what's more important - TRIALS.

Oh and before anyone concludes that I am seeing someone currently, allow me to clarify that asking my "date" to the school prom was an act of friendship and more of an honour bestowed than a gesture of affection. Well, that's how it appears to be. And we're both equally aware and alright with the arrangements.

Honestly, I'm not very open to the idea of a relationship currently. I may have affections for a certain person but I have no intention of delving deeply into the subject of love or relationships at the moment. I obviously have a lot to learn when it comes to this, and before I even step foot into this realm, I have yet to discover the vast extent of God's great love. And truly, it is His love that endures forever.

So what have I learned this week?


And goodnight :)

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