Sunday, July 29, 2012

To the song of all songs

Things I've accomplished this week (list is not in order and week starts from Monday) :
1. Reconnect with God (AMEN!)
2. Come to church with an expecting heart
3. Worship God wholeheartedly despite my struggles
4. Almost finish a BM essay (2 more paragraphs left and deadline's on Tues)
5. Buy my prom dress
6. Finish the book of Acts in the bible for the umpteenth time
7. Revise Physics for the first time
8. Survive my second BM tuition lesson (I solemnly vow to switch seats next Friday, this time earnestly for my guilt cannot be contained any longer for stealing someone's seat)
9. Go up on stage without saying or doing anything
10. Memorized Psalms 27 from the first to the 12th verse (two more verses to go!)
11. Indulge in a Gong Cha signature blend!

Things (actually, the one thing) I'm having trouble with :

Things I have promised to do from next week onwards :
1. Spend half an hour with God EVERYDAY.
2. Make no excuses for not praying, not reading the Word or not worshipping God.

I can conclude that it has been a fairly good week, other than the emotional stress I've been going through and my difficulty with sleeping. However, I'm just glad that God truly showed up in my life this week and has poured his grace and mercy over me during service today. I've been such a Pharisee all week, trying to justify others by my own standards, being self righteous and what not, but God has been giving me answers through youth leaders like June, the bible and especially the Holy Spirit. Despite all the struggles I've been through, I'm now so much more in love with God and passionate about spending time with the Heavenly Father than I have ever been in my entire life.

I can now honestly say (or type) prominently that being a Christian has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. There's absolutely no doubt about it, I assure you. And all you Jesus-crazy people say - AMEN!

Moreover, I have another reason to praise God as well. I went prom dress shopping yesterday with my mum  and my friends (Chien Yi and Kah Yan and both their mums) and I managed to find this beautiful purple, halter neck dress that fits like a glove. Oh and it's also below my budget, which was RM200. So yeah, PRAISE GOD! He found me the perfect dress! :)

So there you have it, a brief summary of my entire week. And I'm out.

You probably may not see me here again in the next few weeks. Maybe.


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