Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wow, fantastic baby

My English Lit second mock is tomorrow.

And I'm currently listening to K-pop, while talking to Chien Yi on Facebook, reading tweets on Facebook, craving for pan mee and well, blogging. Well, aren't I screwed?

Anyhow, I guess this would be a good time to update my blog before I get extremely guilty and actually start studying.

So how has this week been? It's been rather dramatic, lackadaisical and hectic. I've barely had time to study and when I do, I'm too tired from school to do anything. My activities in school however, consist of decorating the class, finishing some of my tuition homework, embracing probability distributions for Add Math and attending cell.

In spite of the havoc wrecked this week, there has been some good news as well. Last Wednesday was the last week of uniform unit, which means I won't have to stay back in school every Wednesday for the remainder of the year! Also, prom has finally been announced and it's probably not going to clash with GY Camp unless they make some last minute changes. I'll most probably be able to make it for both events! PRAISE GOD!

There's also good news in terms of my walk of faith too. I've decided to write an article regarding my testimony in the GY Camp fundraiser magazine. One of the youth leaders read my testimony (through Facebook message) and said it'd be good to encourage others who are struggling in the same area I've been struggling in for the past 16 years of my life. However, I don't just want this to be about how God has changed my life. I want to challenge those through a God-inspired testimony, which is something I'm going to heavily rely on God to assist me in doing. I haven't done any serious writing in a while, other than for English Literature, but this is a good first step into building my faith and inspiring others in their walk with God. I believe God will bless something done with the right heart and frame of mind.

As a head start, I've even volunteered to represent my cell group to testify for contemporary service. So far, I've only been shortlisted and I need to think of this carefully before I go up there and do it, but I'm convinced this is a leap of faith that will help me overcome my fear. God helped me overcome my anger (PMS-ing doesn't count, it just happens - but I can live with that trololol) and resentment, and now I'm going to overcome my fear.

Overall, God has continued to shine like a beaconhouse in my life. I've had some sense of direction, and I'm definitely looking forward to what God has in store for me. I still make mistakes sometimes, but I know better than to open doors for Satan to enter. I always go back to God. My mistakes don't define my identity, God does.

Time to go offline and do something more productive.

God bless you!

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