Thursday, July 19, 2012

When the spirit whispers,

you should be paying full attention to it and mind you, take heed of it without question.

I've learned my lesson that I should never ever meddle in someone else's business even if you mean well. Let's just say this is one of those cases where the good deed doesn't get repaid and it backfires on you instead.

Since the beginning of the prom hype, everyone has been switching on their date-dar (date radar, date-dar? Get it? Ugh never mind) and went into hardcore courage gathering mode in order to ask their respective candidates out to prom. And because we're all masters in succumbing to peer pressure, I had a friend of mine who was looking for a date too, but unlike me, who was all guts at making the first move, she decided she would wait for someone to ask her. Fortunately for her, another friend of mine was interested in asking her out. He went all out by being subliminal - getting chocolate cake for her, staring at her in the classroom and sitting with her during certain periods (yes, I am a keen observer) but he NEVER had the courage to ask her.

So there I was, watching this tragic event with a sense of empathy that evoked my sympathetic nervous system, somewhat unable to accept such cowardice from occurring right in front of me that I suddenly had a brilliant idea to make a bet of 10 ringgit with this guy, that if she had said yes to him if he asked her, he would have to pay me. While the involvement of money arouses a sense of interest in many, I for one was not really concerned about it at all. In fact, I was more concerned for my friend who had been waiting like a damsel in distress for him to save her from the effects of being "forever alone" during prom that I had made this bet out of good will for.

Before I talk about how my plan backfired, allow me to elaborate to avoid further confusion. Prior to the bet, my friend (the girl) and I discussed about it and she agreed that the bet was a great idea to motivate him into making his move - she would have her date and I would have my RM10. She said she would say "Yes" as long as he asked her formally and genuinely, so I obliged to help. What she didn't realise was the fact that money wasn't what drove me to help her - it was just the urge to perform a good deed. And I promise you, that was all there was to it. After that discussion, I immediately pestered the guy to make a move. The guy was in denial for the most part and he continued to hesitate. When I realised it wasn't going to work out after all, I tried brainstorming for other ideas in order to force him to come out of his shell. Just then, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "I think you'd better leave this matter alone."

But I blatantly ignored it.

Eventually, he did ask her yesterday. However, she replied with a "No." And the thing is, it wasn't even a serious invitation on his part and her reply wasn't serious at all. That was when I discovered that they had made a pact behind my back that if she said "No" to him when he asked her, he would split the money he had attained from me and gave her half of it. So she betrayed me, and they all thought it was funny.

And I never wanted any of their money in the first place. See? MAJOR BACKFIRE.

So I never gave him that RM10. And after I responded coldly when the guy pestered me for the money, they knew I was serious. I'm not angry about it anymore but I'm still quite upset at the fact that I was so stupid and "benevolent" that I submitted myself to utter embarrassment when my own thought-up plan backfired.

Which explains the title of this post. And the abrupt beginning of the post as well.

So you see, when the spirit whispers - LISTEN TO IT.

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