Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Ends

There's approximately a day left before New Year's eve and about two more before we officially adjourn into 2013. I'm not sure what or how I'm feeling currently since it hasn't really dawned upon me in tremendous proportions, but I can say that I'm quite ready to take it all in when it comes.

The past two days have been hectic and somewhat reflective. I took some time to converse with a few people I've never been fond of and rediscovered my love for writing fiction once more. I must say it is rather uncanny to be dwelling in the things I've told myself to avoid with hopes of moving on into what tomorrow brings, but I've somewhat decided to embrace what is in order to accept what is to come. I'm not sure if it is an effective method of obtaining closure, but I'm sure time will take it's toll and heal everything.

My conversations have been quite fruitful and I think I may have made whatever point I had intended to make and have learned of what I have been seeking to discover. I know what I speak of may not make any sense at all to any of you since I'm not putting it into clear context, but this is something I want to make personal in order to reflect upon in the future, simply to see if what I did was a foreshadow of my future or merely a misinterpretation of certain gestures. I sincerely hope it's the latter.

As of now, I'm currently conversing with an old friend of mine who moved to Singapore last year to further his secondary education there. While he did not receive the scholarship he applied for, his intelligence and perseverance earned him a place in the country's education system, where "kiasu" is synonymous with the general community and is known to be embedded in the heart and soul of every Singaporean student. Perhaps I am exaggerating these accounts due to ignorance and lack of knowledge, and therefore I do apologize, but anyone who has watched I Not Stupid and it's sequel I Not Stupid Too might face a similar view point as I. Anyway, I've gathered from our Facebook chat that he's been having a ball of a time all year and he is definitely grateful for the opportunity to have been placed in a school in spite of not receiving the financial support he had initially opted for. I'm definitely glad to hear that he's faring well.

On a different note, I didn't manage to do any writing today since I was at the mall all day completing my college wardrobe checklist. Despite spending so much time in the mall, I only managed to check 4 out of 10 items on my list. I honestly hope tomorrow will prove to be a more productive day, and possibly a more energetic one, since I've been quite susceptible to exhaustion due to my stomach discomfort.

Other than that, there really isn't much to say about today. I guess I'll have to see what tomorrow brings.

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