Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Of stalking

Frankly, it isn't uncommon anymore for someone to somewhat casually be scrolling through their Facebook news feed only to find something interesting posted by someone else so much that it then leads to a thorough analysis of their interests and personality via their Facebook profile, and even more so their friends' profiles especially if one is bored.

I am absolutely guilty beyond reasonable doubt when it comes to this and so is everyone else, only if we care to admit of our weakness and iniquity.

Honestly, it doesn't bother me whether I come clean or not when it comes to such matters. It has come to a point where it is just such a common act of man that I've come to dismiss my own acknowledgement of my actions, either out of sheer embarrassment or nonchalance. I can't decide which, as of now, but what matters is that is simply does not.

Stalking. A term often prevailed upon to define the indecencies of prying into the lives of others via social networks, on cyberspace. And no, I refuse to adequately call it cyber stalking, because it sounds rather detrimental altogether and because I do not actually "stalk" out of indecent curiosity. I merely observe, and perhaps, a tad more so. I sound rather unabashed stating this, don't I?

So what is there to observe really in this infinitely possible cyberspace? Well, plenty, I must say. Firstly, there's family. Then, there's friends. And then there's interesting friends of friends. Notice my implementation of the word 'interesting'? Well, that's because not everyone succeeds at making an impression. I do pay attention to the details, I must say. The tiny specks of information that often go unnoticed by others. The seeming possibilities of certain occurrences in reality as they pertain to the emotional status updates and subliminal messages in particular posts. It isn't that difficult to intercept the emotions, to deduce the reactions and determine the conclusions derived from every post. Sherlock's Science of Deduction doesn't entirely scream fiction after all.

Moreover, when it comes to the person of interest, one of the opposite gender, stalking evolves and enters into new territories. The person of interest no longer remains the only subject of interest - his friends, his family members, the genre of music he listens to on Soundcloud, his latest musings on new video games.. Everything just seems so fascinating all of a sudden. Furthermore, unlimited time may also result in the search and analysis of any potential competitors in this fight for affection. For the devoted female, it is a time of indirect assault. A moment to pierce hearts with choice profanities. The survival of the fittest, with absolutely brutal and detrimental provisions. A myriad of cards come into play - the win-his-family-over, the crowd pleaser and the future-spouse. Such progress baffles the minds of man, especially with most of it occurring in one's mind and soul, but not in the utterly unaffected and dry realm of reality.

But what does one gain from participating in such endeavours? Shall we say one to none?

Sorry, I was just utterly bored and I had to write something since I've told myself time and time again that I want to become a writer. It's a good start. A beginning, pioneered by bullshit.

I believe I've just frightened my readers to their absolute wits. Well, I do apologise. Well, not really.

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