Saturday, December 22, 2012


While the apocalypse did not occur yesterday, I am definitely feeling the supposed aftermath of doomsday. I honestly cannot imagine how things could have possibly gone from good to worse in the course of 24 hours.

I don't plan to dwell on the incidences that occur on this day once it is over, but I figured I had to write about it, to remind myself that behind every cloud is a silver lining. While I'm still searching for it, I'm learning to counter the negativity emitted by the misfortunes that have befallen today. So I guess this will be a short account of my day.

Firstly, my mother's purse was stolen while we were shopping for Christmas gifts in Mid Valley. She suspects that the theft occurred in Bonita when she and my sister were browsing through the handbags on sale. A likely locus for pick pocketing, I must say. Anyhow, my mum somehow got carried away in the midst of the frenzy and got distracted to the point that she did not realise that someone had gotten a hold of her purse. And now thanks to this moron, the entire Christmas atmosphere of the household has diminished slightly. My mum's alright now despite having to put up with the rigmarole of going to the police station, cancelling all her bank accounts and creating a new identification card, and the rest of us are trying to put this behind us so we can have a good Christmas. But all in all, this was the incident of the day, and unfortunately it wasn't a pleasant one.

Next, there's no cellophane tape at home. I know this is a really stupid thing to be unhappy about but after the theft, we were technically disallowed from going out for the rest of the day so I couldn't get extra tape just in case our current one was used up and all the Christmas gifts are to be given out during tomorrow's party after service. And our current cellophane tape mysteriously vanished without a trace. JUST LIKE THAT. In the end, I had to use glue tape, which I might add is one of the most expensive gift wrapping tools in the market on the final few presents I had yet to wrap. I guess I'm not too upset about it now that all the gift wrapping has been done, but earnestly, this was something that got me hot and bothered today.

Finally, the verdict. What verdict, you ask? Well, recently a schoolmate of mine told me that he has been contemplating between A-Levels and ADP for quite some time and came to me for some advice since I had already enrolled in the ADP programme. He expressed his concern regarding both programmes and indicated a huge possibility of doing ADP since he wasn't very keen on an exam-oriented pre-university programme. Over Facebook, the both of us happily discussed about ADP and I explained to him a couple of things to aid his confusion over choosing a major and the conversation ended with a glimmer of hope. A hope that someone will have my back in college, even if it was just ONE friend.

And just mere minutes ago, all my hopes were crushed. He messaged me on Facebook to tell me that he has decided on taking A-Levels according to his parents' wishes. We wished each other all the best, expressed our hopes of keeping in touch with one another and ended the conversation rather briefly.

I won't say I did not see that coming, because a part of me expected that to occur, but somehow, the hope that sparked during our prior conversation evolved into something larger and overwhelmed my sense of rationale, ignoring all rules of probability. Therefore, this disappointment is really a result of my own folly and there is absolutely no one else to be blamed for it.

On a lighter note, I'll be meeting up with my friends tomorrow at the Christmas Harvest party. I'm pretty psyched about it since this is actually the first time I'm inviting my high school friends for a Christmas party. We've been having the harvest event since the birth of the cell group and while most of my primary school friends have been to this annual gathering at least once in their lives, none of my high school friends have actually attended one. While high school is a thing of the past now, I still find it necessary that we share our final moments together before we officially move on with our own lives in our respective colleges and courses.

I just hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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