Thursday, December 20, 2012


Imagine Dragons is totally underrated.

It's the night before the supposed apocalypse, or in layman terms - the end of the world, and here I am casually scrolling down my Twitter feed in search of amusement while listening to some legit Imagine Dragons tracks that I discovered by accident while searching for a link to download Radioactive. I must say, it is certainly a delightful and most productive discovery because I now have more tracks to add to my indie playlist.

Honestly, I never thought I'd dig indie until I actually heard an indie track myself. Okay, now I'm just being Captain Obvious, but that's besides the point. Anyone can come to a conclusion that what they haven't heard is bullshit without taking a chance on it. However, if one listens to indie music and can be prevailed upon to do justice to music by being exceptionally perceptive and open-minded to all genres, one may actually attain a certain liking to it. I don't know about anyone else, but indie somewhat evokes this sort of psychedelia and I instantly start observing things in a more aesthetic and liberal point of view. In conclusion, indie music is life-changing paraphernalia.

Anyway, in case it really is the end of the world tomorrow, I just want to say I love you.

No, truth is, I don't actually want to say that, but it's apparently the most appropriate and relative phrase that applies to everyone in a myriad of methods. I still haven't met my future husband yet because well, I haven't arrived at the future yet and if the world ends tomorrow, I technically don't have one or maybe I have met him but I just haven't figured so I can't say I love him.

And then there's my family, the best and only worthy asset I have in my life, so I'd send my love to them too. I won't say much about my friends though since I'm about to shift into a new phase in my life where I meet new people and forget about my absolutely redundant peers in high school, except for the very few true ones that I have who I've actually stuck with and they I. I love you all and I earnestly hope the apocalypse doesn't occur tomorrow because we're about to have fun at a Christmas party this Sunday and I wouldn't miss it for the end of the world. Seriously.

There's also my cat, Percy. She's not really my cat, but she comes to our back door too often that I just decided one day that I actually own her. Meow.

As a Christian I personally don't believe in predicting the end of the world, but when you expect something that you eventually decide not to expect, you end up expecting it to happen. Yes, it's a paradox placed in an unclear context, I do acknowledge that, thank you very much but literally it means, it just might happen. This end of the world thing has been going on for centuries now and I'm beginning to wonder if there really is a living soul out there who is that stupid to buy such a tale even after prior deception. But if such people exist, the rest of us may very well be the unsuspecting bunch, and the end of the world just might occur tomorrow. After all, it is inevitable that every single day holds a possibility of evicting our doom and it just so happened that people somewhat put their faith in the Mayans.

Oh well, I've had enough of my say. I'll probably look at this post someday and wonder, "What in the world???"

I should probably start praying now. Alright, good night.

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