Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fish nuggets and other things in between

Coffee and Eggs Benedict @ The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

My mum's take on their breakfast, with a twist - mushroom soup and fish nuggets, instead of eggs and Hollandaise sauce. 

Oh and some peculiar salad dressing, presumably a hybrid of honey mustard and balsamic vinaigrette. I have to say though, it's an acquired taste. But I strongly rule against mixing any form of salad dressing with one another.

And moving on to last night..

Meet Mr. Tao. Tao Fu Fah. And Chia, Isaac Chia.

I was pretty bored while waiting for our burgers to be done at myBurgerlab. So yeah, my inner camwhore took over. Oh, his real name's Chris by the way.

Only we, the Nonsensical De-stress panel have every right to call him Fu Fah. For obvious reasons.

Awesome Fries (literally)..

..and Beautiful Mess 5.0.

I'm aware this doesn't exactly scream appetizing, considering it's uh, reckless appearance but I swear this is the shiznit and it was worth every ringgit I paid. I probably should have brought my DSLR instead of my tablet so this mother of burgers could be properly justified both aesthetically and tastefully.

But dinner was amazing. Nuff' said.

On a slightly more relevant note, I finally got around to run some errands today; one of which was to wash the car. Since I got my P license yesterday, I've been waiting for that grand opportunity to take this handsome out for a ride. However, when I went out to the porch this morning, hoping to execute the mentally planned rendezvous, the sight of my droplet scarred car made me think twice about doing so. So instead, I got out my pail and other paraphernalia and went ahead give my baby Bob a nice, cold morning shower.

Yes, his name is Bob. And yes, I do not give two hoots about the insults you are about to hurl at me for naming such a beauty with an incompetent and unappealing masculine name.
And no, I am not available for carpooling services, as of now.

Other than that, I was able to go out to the mall today. While the hunt for the third installment of the Across The Universe trilogy was rather unsuccessful, I managed to exchange a bag of old clothing for a H&M shopping voucher, catch up with Amanda over lunch at Fish & Co. as well as tea at Serai (Berry Pavlova for the win!), and watch Identity Thief. Also, the internet connection was salvaged today after my mum paid the bill and I officially have a video assignment on hand - the outcome of the Girls' Conference committee meeting earlier tonight, due tomorrow. It still hasn't quite hit me yet that it's due TOMORROW, but I'm sure I'll get it done in no time. I HOPE.

Anyhow, I'd better get some sleep. I still have that video assignment to work on after all tomorrow, and the fact that I have to hit campus tomorrow for a short briefing on my scholar's work which commences next Monday further reinstates just how important sleep is at this juncture of my life. Well, at least my reward is certain - one of those decent frappucinos from Starbucks, at half price with my primary school mates. Shweet!

Goodnight, fellas.

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