Thursday, January 3, 2013

All that glitters is not gold

It all seems rather uncanny how the lesson in life I learnt today correlates with the theme of the short story I am currently working on. Perhaps it is merely coincidence, but I'd like to think of it as divine intervention. God is speaking to me again. Spot on.

So I've discovered some truths, some really ugly truths. However, these are the stories I've vowed never to speak about to protect the privacy of those involved in the ordeal. Therefore I won't disclose anything of the matter here. I won't even mention the individuals pertaining the truths being spoken about. But I will state what I have learned from this entire ordeal, for it will prove valuable in the future when I reminisce the days of my naivety.

I cannot judge a book by it's cover. As common and as abhorrently cliche as it sounds, I simply cannot. And to think I was intelligent enough to deduce, to determine, to predict. It was not a clever move, I must say. I won't even bother with the details of my undertakings because I feel like a complete idiot now for partaking in such acts of folly. I will only say that it was an account of the misinterpretation of a certain individual, which I had once highly regarded due to the individual's level of intellect and morale appeal. While all human beings have a propensity to fall short of glory and should be given the benefit of the doubt, I believe that the accounts I have been enlightened with was sufficient to have me rethinking the course of the decisions I have made mentally. I can officially say that I have received closure and have done what was necessary to rectify all my past judgements. And for that, I am relieved.

And to think that one of my unwritten resolutions of 2013 is to become more vigilant. Not prejudiced, but vigilant of man in general. In the current state of society, one can never be too sure of what lies in the hearts of man. After all, I'm not clairvoyant, as much as I actually hope to be. I should have known better than to rely on my own emotions, my own mental dwellings, despite how innocuous matters appear to be. Needless to say, I've totally blown that resolution of the list way before it was even implemented in the first place. 

Fortunately, it's never too late to patch things up and begin anew. It is certainly not the time to regret in utter agony over what has happened in the past. I've learned from my mistakes and now it is time to move on. In fact, I think this supposed misfortune is actually a blessing in disguise. Learning my lesson at the beginning of 2013 simply means that I am better prepared for what is to come for the rest of the year. I may have lost something, but I did gain as well. God is truly amazing.

On a lighter note, I went for my first driving lesson yesterday. It was a little odd sitting on the driver's seat and having to deal with an audacious vehicle (ugh, who am I kidding, it's a freaking Kancil), but overall my first driving experience was quite interesting. I'm not sure whether the adjective bears positive or negative connotations, but it was quite thrilling. I learned the basics of driving a manual vehicle as well as parking procedure and the 3-point turn maneuver. Ultimately, I was forced (yes, it was against my will) to drive home, although my driving instructor was in control of the steering most of the time. I was quite traumatized at first, but after conversing with a friend of mine whom I had obtained the instructor's mobile number from, I discovered that only students my instructor deemed capable were given an opportunity to pull such a stint. While that is a relief, I won't say I'm prepared to face the next lesson.

Anyhow, once I complete this entire course and pass the driving test, I'll drive an auto vehicle. It is strenuous exercise, having to stretch your left foot completely on the clutch when changing gears while simultaneously dealing with the accelerator or the brake pedal and the gear.

I do believe I have passed my bedtime. I was suppose to hit the sack earlier tonight since I have been sleeping at midnight for the past few days and it has proven detrimental to my eyes. They are extremely sore right now.

Alright, enough with the small talk. I've made my point. Out I go. Ta.

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